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Dyn Project Values

Dyn Project Values

1.Developing a broader understanding of Domestic Abuse.

The Dyn Project considers the definition of domestic abuse as:

“The misuse of power and the exercise of control by one adult person over another adult within the context of a close personal relationship. Abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or financial.”

2. Raising awareness of Domestic abuse. 

An underlying aim of the Project is to raise awareness of men who experience Domestic Abuse. We believe that these aims can be met by working with local and national organisations to develop services and raise awareness amongst current service providers. We are keen to provide training to any organisations in Wales that may require or request it to develop knowledge in this area.

It also believes that while working in a multi-agency setting, it is important to develop a general awareness of Domestic abuse regardless of the gender of the victims.

3.Supporting Men In Wales.

The Project is keen to develop and encourage services supporting men who experience domestic abuse across Wales. Any services created with local funding will obviously need to stay within these geographical boundaries.


All Dyn Project services are totally confidential but we do subscribe to an information sharing protocol in line with our work in a multi-agency setting.


Wherever possible, The Dyn Project will offer services that are accessible to all.


The Dyn Project believes that everyone has a basic human right to feel safe. We support these beliefs with articles 2, 3, 8 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Project is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity and achieving diversity, both in its role as a provider of services to male victims and to other organisations that it deals with.  The Dyn Project is determined to prevent unfair, unjust and unlawful discrimination or harassment and promote equality of opportunity of its staff and users of its services regardless of individuality such as race, colour, ethnic or national origin, gender, marital status, disability, religion, sexual orientation, age, responsibilities for dependants.  The Dyn Project is opposed to discriminatory attitudes and is committed to translating this into all aspects of its everyday work.  All staff, clients and staff of individual partner organisations of The Dyn Project will be afforded respect and dignity at all times and rewarded on merit.


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