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The Safer Wales Dyn project provides training for practitioners who are working with men, or developing their services to work with men.

We provide training across Wales and the UK.

Our 1 day course ‘Working with men who experience domestic abuse’ is available to deliver on site and we deliver specific date which yu can find on our ‘Training Dates’ page.

Our 1 day course will explore the barriers to disclosure for Heterosexual, Gay, Bi Sexual and Transgender men who experience domestic abuse and How to identify men, on a scale from victim to perpetrator through the use of the Dyn assessment tool.

This training will include all training materials and a copy of the Dyn assessment tool.

If you are interested please Email Simon Borja, Project Development Manager, Safer Wales Email sb@saferwales.com


Quotes from attendees 

“Very well planned and delivered” (Burnley June 2015)

“This training gave me the tools to have more confidence” (Burnley June 2015) 

” No question was unanswered” (Devizes Feb 2015) 

” The assessment tool will be very useful when working with male victims”  (Devizes Feb 2015) 

” Fantastic training – kept me interested throughout and really good information” (CALAN DVS March 2015) 










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